Clarabelle Selects: Sounds of February

Written by Clarabelle

Illustrated by Emily Nash

Our latest Sounds of the Month playlist and accompanied article to keep you up to date with new releases by our favourite artists. Below is just a sneak peek, you can listen to the full playlist here.

Thank you to Twentyhood for asking me to curate this playlist! I’ve included a bit of everything that I normally try to incorporate into my sets. Starting you off with some chilled, sitting in your bedroom on your ones tunes, then going into some more bass heavy sounds that will make you want to start dancing like you’re at the rave with your besties.

IAMDDB – Wa’hum

I know this track was released at the beginning of January but that hasn’t stopped it being a big topic of conversation within the music scene this month. With rumours of it being a call out of a Midlands-based rapper, everybody’s been on a guessing game behind this new sort of sound from IAMDDB. Personally, I am loving the new style and sound and I’m excited to see what direction she’s going in next!

Greentea Peng – Nah It Ain’t The Same

Greentea Peng was my favourite artist of 2020 and it’s looking like she might take the same title this year. I love her music. I feel a real connection to it and the lyrics she sings about – one of the strongest connections I’ve had to an artist. She’s an OG and her music is unique which is so hard to do these days but she does it so well. This is only the first track off her new album so I’m overly gassed to see what’s to come.

Reek0 – Know Me Already

I’m loving this one from north London-based DJ and producer Reek0! His style and ability to almost sound like he’s telling a story with the track is what really captivated me. His specialties are UKG, grime and hip hop and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this year.

DJ Q & Hans Glader – Thief In The Night

Hailing from Huddersfield, DJ Q has teamed up with San Francisco’s Hans Glader to create this pure vibe of a track. I’ve always been a big fan of DJ Q’s sets and music ever since I saw him play when I was 17 in Digbeth, it was one of the most memorable nights of my life. Buzzing to hear this one in the rave!

Irah – Bumbahole Boris

This song gives me vibes! Perfectly capturing the mood of myself and many of my friends towards the current Tory government. When I first heard it I had it on repeat and I can’t wait to be dancing to this one in the club.

Block & Crown Powermix – You Got My Body

Block & Crown are a DJ and producer duo based in Amsterdam. I’m loving this funky house track right now. It’s taking me back to summers spent dancing on rooftops which I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this year.

Arlo Parks – Hope

Singer-songwriter and poet, Arlo Parks, recently dropped her new album Collapsed In Sunbeams. I love this tune from it as it carries a message that so many of us need to be reminded of in lockdown. No matter how isolated you feel, you’re not alone and we always have each other. I’ve been guilty of feeling like this myself during the past year but recently, I have really found who my true friends are and who’s in my close circle. I love how this tune captures that feeling.

Kid Lib – The Talk

I had to include some jungle in the playlist and Sheffield born and bred, Kid Lib, never fails to bring the fire.

You can listen to the full playlist on Spotify here.

The Author

Clarabelle began her musical journey as a teenager in Birmingham. She has since gone from strength to strength as both an event producer and venue manager through creating her brands Tunnel Vision, Bad Girls Club and BRS Disco. The skills she has learned throughout her time in the industry have naturally progressed and allowed her to begin to share her favourite artists and music from behind the decks. The beginning of 2020 saw her play her first set on NYE. Since then, she has become a resident DJ for Selextorhood, Sisu and 1020 radio with appearances on radio stations and a number of venues across Birmingham and Bristol.

Edited by Stephanie Kleanthous

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