Queer Artist Crimson Helles Releases His Debut Single ‘Do You Mind If I Smoke?’

Written by Stephanie Kleanthous

Illustrated by Prince Pretzl

Crimson Helles released his debut single Do You Mind If I Smoke? last week which he co-wrote with Horrible Sophie and Aili. It is inspired by the iconic Fenella Fielding in Carry On Screaming (1966), emanating that same attitude and sexual energy, transporting you to the rave on a chaise longue.

Crimson explains, “the moment I saw Fielding in Carry On Screaming, I just knew I had a song title there and then. Lounging on her chaise longue in a sleek red velvet dress, seductively asking the officer ‘Do you mind if I smoke?’, I knew immediately this was the confident sexual energy I wanted to give off in my first single. I was also very close with Mary Jane at the time, so it felt like the most appropriate moment to create an iconic pro-slut stoner anthem”.

Produced with Simon from IS TROPICAL and Sälen, the track is a fierce vogue/dance/acid/hyper-pop bop exuding “baddie energy only” and when producing, Crimson “needed fearless vogue-esque rhythms and energetic party melodies” to intensify this.

Crimson Helles by Karen Stanley
Wearing: Studio FCLX
Makeup: Niall Candy

Crimson builds on the sexual energy with expensive imagery as he sings, “next to the ashtray there’s diamonds and whips”. The luxurious setting and insubordinate nature of the track is pushing boundaries all while keeping his etiquette intact. Do You Mind If I Smoke? is ideal for indulging in your fantasies and escaping the physical confinements of lockdown, it’s almost like an arm with an elbow-length satin glove graciously pulling you out of any sunken pits you may find yourself stuck in.

“This song came after a long time of fighting through the darkest moments I have experienced so far because I knew I needed something that built me up, rather than wallowing in my own sadness.” 

Crimson Helles

Crimson grew up playing classical piano and has been producing and writing music since aged thirteen. He’s performed in various bands in pursuit of developing and growing as an emerging artist and now has a music label, THE EUROFACTORY, which he is eager to keep pushing out more anthems from.

Find more of Crimson Helles below:

Stephanie has recently completed an English degree and is now focusing on reciting spoken word over tracks she co-produces. She enjoys writing scripts and short stories as well as discussing issues related to mental health, underrepresented voices and feminism.

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