Twentyhood Selects: Sounds of October

Written by Stephanie Kleanthous

Design by Stephanie Kleanthous, illustration by Emily Nash

Our latest Sounds of the Month playlist and accompanied article to keep you up to date with new releases by our favourite artists. Below is just a sneak peek, you can listen to the full playlist here.

Haich Ber Na – 0594 Help

Haich Ber Na is a London-based, self-taught musician, producer, mixer and director. The music he creates comes in experimental synth-filled, electronic projects and spellbinding visuals. Following on from his 2019 EP Everywhere’s Home, his second track this year 0594 Help keeps to a similar outer-world, space experience but moves more towards funk and alternative R&B. It’s easy to sink into the emotional lyrics if you’re “missing holding” someone too, but the funky production can still get you vibing on your feet in an attempt to forget about it all. You can watch the behind the scenes footage here for the self-directed music video.

Erika de Casier – No Butterflies, No Nothing

Erika de Casier is a Portuguese-born, Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter and producer. Following her ethereal 2019 album Essentials which gave 90s R&B a modern touch, she has continued to grace us with dreamy vocals and lyrics on falling in and out of love. I’ve had No Butterflies, No Nothing on repeat since it came out. Blending synths, woodwinds and harps, this experimental song works perfectly with her vocals.

Accompanied by a period drama-esque video where it seems beautifully romantic on the surface but something just isn’t clicking as she stares off into the distance. De Casier explained the track as being about “wanting to fall in love with someone, but the butterflies are just not coming”. Trapped in this sticky situation, the best thing to do is to not force it and part ways. You can watch her lockdown Boiler Room set here where she originally gave us a sneak peak of No Butterflies, No Nothing as her final song.

Josie Man – Grow

This upbeat song by London-based artist Josie Man will instantly put you in a good mood, ready to face the dreariness of the new lockdown with an open heart. Pop track Grow is a perfect reflection of what we’ve all managed to and continue to do this year: adapting to changes, embracing pain and “letting the tears fall on the floor” as we grow into a new version of ourselves. Accompanied by stunning, fairy-like visuals, Josie’s angelic nature and vocals are bringing something fresh and honest to the scene. Follow her Instagram account for regular covers and peaceful videos to help with mental health.

Jaydonclover ft. RADA – Piecesofme

Jaydonclover is a Birmingham-born and based singer-songwriter, often singing about the pain in her heart caused by men. Her EP Recovering Lover that she released earlier this year took us on a journey of Falling, to Lovers Anonymous to Lulla-bye where she eventually kills the man who has had her on this toxic love roller-coaster. Jaydonclover’s latest song Piecesofme, produced by dylantheinfamous, is very on brand for her and you definitely need to get the tissues ready to be transcended into a realm of brokenness with her smooth vocals. If you’re still hung up on an ex this might just be the perfect song for you to let it all out to with a big tub of ice cream.

JGrrey – Doubt Nothing

JGrrey’s newest song is her second release of the year following on from Ain’t So which told us that “things will get worse before they get better”. Doubt Nothing is an uplifting dream amongst the uncertainty, confirming that “days get better” and to do exactly that – doubt nothing. Illustrator, animator and filmmaker James Papper of Blink Ink directed this colourful and trippy video. It’s a cool blend of animations and a rainforest bedroom where growth is abundant. I can’t wait to see what she’s dropping next.

Biig Piig – Oh No

Biig Piig, originally born in Spain and now London-based, is the co-founder of West London NiNE8 Collective alongside the likes of Lava La Rue and more. Biig Piig doesn’t fall into a specific genre and often plays around with rapping, calming vocals and neo-soul, sometimes blessing us with Spanish lyrics. Oh No is part of a new two track project with her other song Liahr. It’s a heart-wrenching, melancholic song about feeling “safe and sound” in her bedroom but feeling lonely. It’s very timely and she explained that: “the safest place to be was my room – when I get paranoid or anxious or upset, hiding away felt like the easiest thing to do. Which is mad, because then quarantine happened and that literally was the safest place to be”.

Durand Jones & The Indications – Power To The People

Probably the most chilled out song on this month’s playlist with a great message behind it. Power To The People strikes hope and togetherness in a tumultuous time, but also at a perfect time where we’ve finally bid(en) adieu to Trump. This soulful track is a tale of working hard under capitalism and oppression but keeping your head up regardless and fighting. Durand Jones & The Indications are a band to keep your eyes on, giving you beautiful harmonies and bluesy rhythms.

Partiboi69 – Bathe With Me

Let’s end on a funky high with the ever-sexual fashionista, Australian underground DJ and producer Partiboi69 and his 80s inspired track Bathe With Me. If you’re in lockdown with your bae, it’s time to blast this from your speakers, run the tap, stick the plug in and make sure it’s at 69 degrees (or you may be bathing alone). This sensual video, Dad trainers and thick chains have me craving a boyfriend that can play the trumpet and I can’t wait for his upcoming track Freaky Dreamz to be released.

You can listen to the full playlist on Spotify here.

Stephanie has recently completed an English degree and is now focusing on reciting spoken word over tracks she co-produces. She enjoys writing scripts and short stories as well as discussing issues related to mental health, underrepresented voices and feminism.

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